This is me

Christine Hentschel
- Freelance Fashion designer

Fashion Design is my passion! I am an award winning designer with  over 13 years of international experience in the sportswear industry. The many projects, that I have been working on include Ferrari, Motorsport, the NYC Ballet and the 2016 Olympics  I have designed products ranging from  high-technical Tights, via Button-down Shirts to 2in1 Outdoor Jackets and I have created product for athletes like Sebastian Vettel and Usain Bolt

Seeing the big picture is key to my approach to work. As a Freelance Designer, I provide product and knowledge that is well thought through and ticks all deliverables.

Being highly adaptable and super flexible, make me a great fit for many different categories as a Freelance Apparel Designer. I also have interest in many different areas. E.g. yoga, baking, carpentering, opera…

As a Freelance Designer you get to work with diverse people and different companies. This newness and variety bring me so much joy and I am super excited about every new opportunity. So, let’s get in touch and see how we can collaborate!

Freelance Fashion Designer with vast experience in sportswear across all genders. working on the Olympics, NYC Ballet and Motortsport; Sportswear expert, Lifestyle and sportswear, Usain Bolt, Experience